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Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Make an impression with magnetic vehicle signs

Car magnets are a flexible and effective way to promote your business without a permanent fixture to your vehicle. A budget alternative to a vehicle wrap or graphic, it has the benefit of being quick and easy to remove. Not all magnets are made the same. We use 0.8mm thick magnetic sheets and apply digitally printed over laminate vinyl to the surface. Vehicle-grade magnetics should be specified. Vinyl lettering, digital graphics, or screen printing are suitable for magnetics.

Caring for your Magnetic Signs

  • If your magnetic sign is positioned incorrectly, remove it carefully & re-align it.
    Ensure your sign fits snugly against the metal surface and remove air pockets or leading edges caused by door handles, locks or protective trims.
  • Since moisture and pollutants can collect under a magnetic sign, it should be removed and cleaned every week with a mild detergent. Ensure it dries completely before re-installing it.
  • Do not expose the UV coating on the rear of your sign to scratches, fumes, vapors of solvents, airborne contaminants or extreme heat otherwise you may damage the sign or the vehicle surface.
  • For the best result we recommend that you clean both the magnet and the vehicle prior to every use – this ensures that there is less grime and dirt between the magnet and the car, enabling it to stick better.

Things to Consider

  • Car magnets are a handy short-term solution for businesses requiring removable and replaceable signs on a regular basis. If you require a more permanent signage solution for your vehicle then we recommend vinyl graphics.
  • Magnets are best applied to a flat or evenly curved surface of your vehicle and are most commonly used on doors and side panels. Signarama Janesville, WI will advise you on the best use of graphics on your vehicle.
  • If you are intent on having car door magnets, it is important to buy good quality 0.8mm vehicle grade magnetics, not cheaper and thinner magnets that may be available online or elsewhere, or from cheaper, lower quality signage companies.

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