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One Way Vision Signs for Vehicles

Make the most of your rear window.

One Way Vision is an innovative window graphic made from perforated self-adhesive vinyl film. It is great for completing a full or partial vehicle wrap design onto windows.

The tiny perforated (punched) holes allow visibility from the inside of your vehicle, while anyone viewing from the outside will see your window graphics. We digitally print your design in full color, then apply an optically-clear over laminate to protect your graphics from UV, water, dust, marks and scratches.

One way vision graphics maximize your brand’s visibility as you drive around, attracting attention as your advertising sits on a prominent position of your vehicle. Go one step further and create a fully wrapped vehicle for greater visual impact.

Perforated film also adds solar control and privacy as people outside can’t look in, but your visibility is clear as you look inside out.

Select From:
Rear car window signage, can be paired with car wraps.
Building, office or retail window signage.
How Does it Work?

The human eye tends to notice brighter colors over darker colors. The printed one way vision film contains areas of printed graphic (a print pattern) as well as unprinted see-through areas covering up to 50% of the film. The holes, where there is no film, have no ink and therefore are generally darker, almost black.

When someone during the day looks at the rear window from the outside, their eye is drawn to the printed image, as it reflects more light than the see-through areas. which looks like it is on a solid piece of vinyl.

However, when viewed from the inside, a person will see the outside world through the holes. The secret here is ensuring the printed graphics are hidden from the other side of the glass. This is best achieved by having a black ‘backing’ that covers only the printed areas on the film, without blocking the unprinted areas.

Things to Consider

One Way Vision may restrict your vision outside, especially in wet or dusty conditions. Typically, One Way Vision signs can last a number of years when properly cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-way vehicle signage is in fact extremely cost effective. With most rear windows a similar size, our stores will mostly have standard pricing. Get in touch today!
One-way vision signs allow for full digital coverage, so for large windows the options are endless however we do recommend sticking to simple designs. On rear car windows the image will only be seen briefly as you drive past, so a company name and logo, phone number and web address is ideal. Make sure your color choices are consistent with the vehicle, and keep in mind that some vehicles with steep rear windows are unsuitable for one-way graphics.
We provide fast turnaround, your one-way vision signs will be done and dusted within five to seven days from artwork signoff.
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