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For charities and non-profits that want to increase engagement, create buzz, and top-of-mind awareness, Signarama Gahanna has the signs, banners, murals, and event signage that delivers. Our team of experts understands the goals and sensitivities that your organization has and will work with you to create signage that displays your most important messages in the most powerful ways. Acknowledge donors or highlight important messaging throughout your building or surrounding your office. Consider some of these options for your charity and non-profit group.

  • Carved & Sandblasted Signs – Available in lots of colors, shapes, and styles, these elegant signs elevate your brand in virtually any outdoor location. Popular outside residential neighborhoods, churches, non-profits, universities, hospitals, and more, Signarama Gahanna’s carved and sandblasted signs are custom created to feature your organization’s name in the most impactful, eye-catching way.
  • Church Signs – Signarama Gahanna’s outdoor and indoor signs for churches, synagogues, and mosques are made using highly durable PVC that looks like a classic wooden sign once painted. PVC can be routed, sandblasted or painted to fit any style and can even look like real wood.
  • Engraved Signs – Perfect for use outdoors or indoors for virtually any message – including directional signs, ADA signs, nameplates, and even as a form of recognition - Signarama Gahanna’s custom engraved signs are available in multiple colors and materials, including PVC, aluminum, acrylic, and wood, as well as colored plastics, metal, glass, and brass.
  • Banners – Convenient, easily portable, and usable over and over, these cost-efficient, flexible, and lightweight banners are on the go advertising for charities and non-profits. Signarama Gahanna’s high-quality fabric banners are one of the few signage solutions that can be washed in a washing machine, dry cleaned, or even ironed. If a vinyl banner suits your needs better, we have those as well.
  • Monument Signs – For a strong statement outside your charity or non-profit’s headquarters, these signs provide maximum street visibility and exposure for your brand. Signarama Gahanna’s monument signs help you make a high-end impression and we can imitate the architectural elements of your building, from color palette to texture. Signarama Gahanna’s EPS monument signs are manufactured using a lightweight expanded polystyrene core covered with a hard coat that is tested and approved to withstand 180 mph winds and is impervious to rot, termites, and even moisture.
  • Retractable Banners - These banners make great use of empty space and are the perfect signage solution for venues that lack wall space. Your charity or non-profit group can use them effectively and often to provide necessary information while saving space. The retractable feature eliminates wrinkles making images crystal clear and flat, every time. They are lightweight and can be conveniently carried in a bag once broken down. At Signarama Gahanna, we offer single-sided as well as double-sided models. Our banners feature molded end plates and a three-piece bungee corded pole.
  • Trade Show Displays – Your charity or non-profit will stand out from the rest with Signarama Gahanna’s creative and economical displays that can be used at a variety of events. We can work with you to develop a plan that combines the perfect mix of solutions, including stand-alone displays, tabletop displays, retractable banners, digital kiosks, floor decals, custom tablecloths or logo table throws, and much more.
  • Wall Murals – Transform the empty walls in your office with a customized, high-quality wall mural from Signarama Gahanna; better utilize your space to highlight the work of your group or deliver an important message to the community. Murals create a unique, engaging, and exciting experience for your guests by turning empty walls, hallways, and lobbies into works of art.

Charities & Non-profits Choose Signarama Gahanna When Looking for a Signage Partner that Cares

Signarama Gahanna brings brands to life. We have the expertise to guide you through the most effective ways to promote your organization with our smart graphics solutions. Our specialty is helping local non-profits, businesses, and national brands reach broad audiences every day. We are to help you think of new ways to grow your charity and non-profit group. Contact Signarama Gahanna today to learn more about what we can do for your charity or non-profit organization.