How Can a Car Wrap Make a Company Look More Professional?

26 October, 2023 by Signarama Asheville

If you are a business owner in this current age of advertising and marketing, then you know exactly how important it is to have your branding out there for the world to see. There are so many options to make sure that as many eyes as possible see your branding and messaging. 

Some of the most common advertising methods out there include:

Newspaper Ads
Social Media Advertisement
Radio Spots
All of these methods are great, but what if there could be a way that you could showcase your branding everywhere you or your team went, at all times? Would that be something that would be valuable to your company? If the answer is yes, then look no further than vehicle wraps!

What Is a Vehicle Wrap?
You have likely seen them everywhere, from small towns to major cities. Vehicle wraps are commonplace in today's marketing ecosystem. They are an effective piece of any business ad campaign and are extraordinarily cost-effective. In fact, vehicle graphics can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

However, to get the most out of a branded car wrap, you must ensure that it is legible and impactful. Several types of wraps and materials can be used to wrap your vehicle. The simplest is a cut vinyl wrap. This is a great way to add some form of branding and messaging to your fleet vehicles without being costly. However, they are not the most impactful.

Partial and full car wraps use a printed and laminated vinyl material that is cut to match the lines of your vehicle. These graphics are applied to your vehicle by highly skilled professionals. The work can be very tedious, but when done well, it looks amazing. 

4 Benefits of Branding Your Fleet
When considering wrapping your company’s vehicles, it is important to understand that these vehicles will have a massive marketing impact on your business. Not only that, but they will add a regimented and professional look to your company fleet. When you take this into consideration, wrapping your fleet is a no-brainer. 

There is something absolutely special about driving a wrapped company vehicle around town. It displays a sense of pride in your company values and acts as a catalyst for others to learn more about your company. When someone sees a well-designed car wrap, they not only see the branding but the attention to detail and professionalism that comes with it.

1. Car Wraps Are a Traveling Ad
There are many benefits to having a wrapped fleet of company vehicles, but the one highest on the list is the fact that they are traveling and they are broadcasting your messaging everywhere you go. Wrapped vehicles are essentially moving billboards. 

2. Car Wraps Help Build Trust
When companies effectively target their local market by using branded fleet vehicles, they typically achieve better results. By building prominence in a local market, a company with a professional image will build trust with that target audience.

Trust is everything when it comes to convincing potential customers to consider choosing your company, and a professional-looking branded fleet will help reinforce that trust.

3. Car Wraps Are Cost-Effective
One thing that many companies appreciate when choosing to use branded car wraps to advertise their business is that they are very cost-effective. Consider TV commercials or radio ads, for instance. These ads often have high initial costs, along with some form of recurring commitment. Billboards are the same. 

With a car wrap, it is a mostly one-and-done solution. You pay for the design, printing, and application, and that is it. In many cases, car wraps will see just as many impressions as other methods, and in some cases, more due to their mobility.

4. Car Wraps Make Companies Appear Larger Than Life
One of the bonus benefits of having the mobility that comes with having branded vehicle wraps is the ability to make your company appear to be much larger than it is. Someone may see your wrapped vehicle on one side of town and then later somewhere else. 

The more you are seen in different places gives the appearance of a bigger, more professional business, even if you are a small startup. This boost of visibility ensures that your business is widely known for a fairly low investment.

Time to Add a Professional Touch
Wrapping your company's vehicles is an investment, but it will pay dividends due to the advertising potential each wrapped vehicle brings to the table. Additionally, there are some tax write-offs that may help offset the cost. At the end of the day, a branded car wrap may be the nudge you need to take your company to the next level of professionalism.

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