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5 October, 2023 by Signarama Asheville

As an essential component of accessibility, ADA signs play a critical role in ensuring that all guests can navigate a hotel safely and comfortably. In addition to being a legal requirement in Asheville, NC  for any public accommodation, ADA signs can also enhance the overall guest experience by providing clear and concise information.

What Are ADA Signs?

ADA signs are designed to provide individuals with disabilities, including those with visual impairments, the ability to navigate a hotel or other public accommodation with ease. These signs must comply with the requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which mandates that all public accommodations provide accessible facilities and services to individuals with disabilities.

Some common examples of ADA signs found in hotels include room identification signs, directional signs, restroom signs, and emergency exit signs. These signs must include specific design elements, such as raised lettering and braille, to ensure they are easily readable and understandable.

Where Are ADA Signs Required in Hotels?

ADA signs are required in a variety of locations throughout a hotel. These include:

  • Room Identification: Each guest room must have a tactile room number sign located on the door. The sign should be mounted between 48 inches and 60 inches above the floor and should include both raised lettering and braille.

  • Directional Signs: Hotels must provide directional signs indicating the location of accessible routes throughout the facility. These signs should be mounted at locations where they are easily visible and should include raised lettering and braille.

  • Restroom Signs: All restrooms must be identified with signs that include both raised lettering and braille. Additionally, restroom signs should be mounted on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door at a height of 60 inches above the floor.

  • Emergency Exit Signs: All emergency exit signs must comply with the ADA requirements for signage, including the use of raised lettering and braille.

How to Ensure Compliance with ADA Sign Requirements

To ensure compliance with ADA sign requirements, hotels should take the following steps:

  • To ensure that all signs comply with ADA guidelines, hotels should seek advice from a reputable sign company or ADA consultant.

  • Identify the locations that require ADA signs and confirm that existing signs are compliant by conducting a site evaluation. Hotels should do this.

  • Hotels must place the right signs in the right places, such as emergency exit signs, directional signs, signs identifying individual rooms, and signs for restrooms and other facilities.

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