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Have you ever driven past a shopping plaza with a large sign listing all the businesses you can find within the shopping center? That's a Pylon Sign. Often associated with Monument Signs, Pylon Signs give your business more “height”, standing much taller than Monument Signs. They can list multiple businesses (if you’re a shopping center) or just a business name, and can be both single or double sided. 

Pylon Signs are outdoor signs that are freestanding structures that can be used in many types of businesses such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, industrial complexes, and retail locations. 

Pylon Signs by Signarama Novi can be customized for your business needs. Custom paint jobs are available to ensure the sign compliments the building’s architecture or corporate identity. Post and Panel Signs are very recognizable and the right one can help your business standout. Add illuminated signage to your Pylon Sign for increased visibility.  

NOTE: Signarama Novi Inc. does not perform or offer to perform electrical sign work in any state. All Signarama Novi sign centers are independently owned and operated. It is the responsibility of each Signarama Novi sign center to comply with the licensing and regulation code requirements regarding electrical work and sign installation in their city, county and/or state. 

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