For the 17th year, we are proud to present SIGNS OF SUPPORT, our grant program for non-profits, volunteer groups and charitable organizations.

FACILITY SIGNAGE – This is signage like office door markers, vinyl lettering, and interior directional,
parking signage, awards or recognition plaques for donors, and even decorative banners or displays.
EVENT SIGNAGE – This is signage that an organization might use for an event like a fund raiser or activity.
For example, easel signs, yard signage, banners, and other temporary and reuseable signage to help promote an
event or provide logistics.
IDENTIFICATION SIGNAGE – This is signage that is the primary signage for your facility, identifying your
site and who you are. It might be a monument sign, flat sign for side of your building, or other type of major

· Grants must be used in calendar year 2023.
· Installation services are excluded in the Grant Program.
· Some Special Orders are excluded from the Grant Program, call a Signarama Downtown Staff Member to learn how this may apply to your project (502) 585-4099.
· Once you have submitted your application, please contact Signarama Downtown if you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your application. You will be sent a confirmation email upon receipt of your application.
We encourage you to read this information and refer to online application. We encourage your suggestions,
ideas, and comments!


Application are due on or before: January 6th, 2022

Grant Program


We seek to support and strengthen local civic and charitable organizations with donations of signage, graphics, display, and marketing products at partial or no cost. Any organization that is eligible may submit an application for their needs.


· Local Non-Profit Organizations – Secular and Faith-Based
· Local Affiliates of Registered Charities
· Local Non-Government Civic Organizations
· Jefferson County Public Schools
(For our needs “local” is defined as within a 25 mile radius to our store location)


Grants must be applied for annually and are valid for the award year.
Any unused grant funds are non-transferable to the following award year.


1. What is the deadline for the applications?
· The deadline for accepting applications is January 6, 2022
2. How should I send my application to Signarama Downtown?
· We have an online application form on page one of this document
3. Can I win a grant again if I have won previously?
· Yes, we often give to the same organization, but we usually will skip a year between gifts.
4. How will I know if I am a winner?
· Winners will be announced by February 1, 2023. You will be notified via email.
· Applicants not granted an award will also be notified via email.
5. How long do I have to use my grant?
· Grant recipients will have until December 31, 2023 to use their 2023 grant.
6. How do I get the quote to include with my application?
· Call Signarama Downtown at (502) 585-4099 or email us at and a Representative will be happy to help you.
7. Will the grant cover 100% of my needs?
· Sometimes. The Grant does not include installation or special order products. Feel free to call Signarama Downtown at (502) 585-4099 for more information.

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