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Timeless Neon Glamour

Neon signs are an old favorite, and in many cases are coming back into fashion for their ‘retro’ look. All about attracting attention, we can create a truly bespoke sign that conveys the essence of your brand. The angles and shapes achieved with neon are great for lettering. Even easier and lower maintenance with new LED Neon Flex!

Signarama Naperville, IL provides a comprehensive consultation to ensure your neon sign makes an impact, with the perfect message for your business. Or, if you are looking for a unique décor element for a wedding, birthday, or other personal events, a custom neon sign from Signarama might be what takes your event décor to the next level. Signarama offers several stock designs as well as custom-made designs for neon signs. As leaders in the sign industry, we never compromise on quality – all of our signs utilize the best materials in the industry.

Neon signs can be for either indoor or outdoor use. The angles and shapes achieved with neon are great for lettering. Even easier and lower maintenance with new LED Neon Flex!.
Customizable neon signs are constructed by bending the tube into the required shape.

To learn more about Neon and our Illuminated sign options talk to Signarama Naperville, IL today.

Neon Flex Signs

LED Neon flex is a relatively new product that is affordable, adaptable and low maintenance. Able to be cut and bent by hand to form it is easier to use than traditional glass Neon. LED tech delivers low voltage, less heat and high safety as well as less maintenance.

Limited only by your imagination Neon flex can be used in so many ways. From brand logo's to feature lighting effects. A popular option is to attach Neon flex letters and logos to colored acrylic backs for a strong visual effect great for wall signs.

Ask Signarama Naperville, IL about Neon flex and brighten up your shop, office or event!

Traditional Glass Neon Signs

Traditional Neon signs are glass tubes filled with inert gas which glows with the passing of an electrical current. Neon signs can be for either indoor or outdoor use, available in 30 colors to match your corporate branding.

Choose from three sizes of neon tube: 9mm for tight curves such as script lettering, 12mm for most work, and 15mm for larger lettering.

Fully customizable neon signs are constructed by bending the tube into the required shape. The look of old school Neon is still amazing. Talk to our sign experts at Signarama Naperville, IL about the best Neon for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the price can vary greatly depending on the design and size, neon signs are generally a more costly signage solution. As a long lasting, eye-catching choice, the noble neon will give you great bang for your buck.
Classic is classy. You’re best to go with a brand logo, name or short, clear message. Big, bold lettering is hard to top so talk to us about choosing fantastic and timeless font that will best broadcast your brand.
Because neon signs are a specialist item, they’ll take between three and four weeks to complete following artwork signoff.
Neon signs look fantastic on walls inside or out. Best if they are the star or the show so keep the surrounding area minimal. Make sure that your neon sign is accessible for easier maintenance and cleaning.
Yes both Traditional and new Neon LED lights can be set on a timer to display. different effects for maximum impact.
We’ve all seen neon signs where one letter is ‘out of action’ for a while, and it doesn’t represent that business well! Also locating your neon sign in a cooler spot can provide a longer life to your neon sign. We recommend an ongoing maintenance contract for traditional glass neon signage to ensure a longer life.
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on Neon Signs

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