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Awning & Fascia Signs

Do you want a distinctive way to advertise your retail shop or restaurant? As an architectural element, awnings, by their very nature add finesse to businesses. Awnings are timeless and can add a classic charm or a bold, contemporary look. Available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, awnings extend out from your building and along with Signarama Elgin, IL’s versatile awning graphics, create some of the most powerful marketing visuals for your building or storefront. Graphic statements designed to complement the theme and expression of your business, stylized awnings accentuate your business’s identity and grow your brand’s footprint.

While multi-functional awnings protect doors and windows, they also provide shade when it’s warm, shield us from the rain and provide a respite from snow and sleet when cooler weather prevails. Awnings can also add a sidewalk café element to increase the table count in your restaurant, come in handy for outdoor product displays, and provide a protected space for sidewalk sales. The big plus is that with customized graphics, your awnings come alive!

Select From:
Illumination - Be seen by night time traffic
Graphics - Logos and imagery
3D lettering - For a high-end feel
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Designed to withstand weather conditions, Signarama Elgin, IL awning graphics can be customized to optimally display your logo, tag lines, and company slogans, plus incorporate custom images you feel express your business’s identity. Most awnings last 5-10 years if properly maintained and can be repaired or “reskinned” to get many more years of use out them.

Signarama Elgin, IL can help you stand out

Go for the colors, font styles, and images you need to make your awning graphics work for you. Not really sure what’s best for your business’s identity? Signarama Elgin, IL’s sign experts have the experience to show you what’s possible and what could work well for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a small shop front, effective signage options start from $2,500. For large shop fronts and premium results, it’s not unusual to spend up to $15,000. Call today to arrange a free quote.
Keep an eye on the cleanliness of your awning and fascia signs. While frequent cleaning is not required, awning & fascia signs can benefit from yearly cleaning to ensure grime is not creating a dull appearance.
Think about whether you want to reach people walking or driving and what the primary purpose of your sign is. 3D lettering is an effective way to increase brand awareness, whereas printed graphics are best for communicating information like phone numbers.
Once you’ve approved the final design, it usually takes around 7-10 days for installation. With illuminated signs, it may take longer because installation is more complex.
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