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Laser Cut & Engraved Metal Signs

A Professional and Weather Resistant Signage Option

Our metal signs are made using specialist laser cutting or engraving machines which use a high-powered laser to slice or burn through the material to cut designs with absolute precision. The result is a flawless finish that cannot be matched by other signage production methods.

Depending on the finish and color required, we can manufacture a range of metal signage solutions from aluminum and steel fabrication to laser cutting and engraving, steel pylons, fascia and building signs, 3D letters, and illuminated signs and lightboxes. Our metal signs can be finished as polished, brushed, sprayed, or powder coated.

Your creativity is the only limit to what can be achieved with custom metal letters and signs!

Common Metal Sign Materials

Aluminum can be brushed, or powder coated with a high quality, baked-on high-gloss enamel for a premium finish. Sheets vary in thickness. Ideal for small to medium size indoor and signage.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
Aluminum composite panels are a relatively new sign-making product. Made of aluminum composite material (ACM), they are flat panels made of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. It is incredibly lightweight yet strong, and will not warp, rot, or rust. Its unique core does not swell, absorb water, or corrode from the inside. Great for custom-cut graphics for daytime and outdoor applications.

Brass plaques and plates are especially popular with businesses and memorial settings for their classic and long-lasting quality. Our plaques are engraved or etched, and available in a range of colors and thicknesses. They are baked with a protective lacquer coating to help slow down brass’ natural oxidizing process (rusting) in the exposed environment. They will need to be re-polished periodically to maintain the gold finish.

Stainless steel
Heavier than aluminum, but most ideal for outdoor signage, it is exceptionally durable and can be engraved and cut in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes. We can also add finishes such as mirrored, chrome polish or brushed for a unique appearance.

Metal Sign Applications

3D Fabricated Letters
An incredibly popular trend for indoor and reception signage, offering a high-end brushed finish. They can also be illuminated to provide a front, back or halo-lit effect, or mounted or raised for added dimensional effect.

Metal Panels
Weather and UV resistant metal panels are frequently used outdoors as a monument or directional signage. They are also perfect for wall and fascia signs, and can be cut to specific shapes and printed in full colour.

Other Applications:

  • Safety Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Directory Boards and Wayfinding
  • Service Signs
  • Building and site signs
  • Shop and retail signage

Talk to your local Signarama store about your next metal signage project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fabrication involves creating metal structures with cutting, bending, and welding processes. Signarama leads the way in metal fabrication, with each of our stores housing state-of-the-art computerised design and manufacturing equipment, and are staffed with an expert team of designers, fabricators and installers.
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