Let’s face it: these days we all need to be concerned about staying safe and limiting the spread of COVID-19. For business owners, it is absolutely essential that your business create a sense of safety for both customers and employees, and that you reorganize any public (retail, office, entry, etc) space in order to provide a comfortable, safe, and spacious setting. 


Sneeze guards and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for this purpose. Sneeze guards are clear plexiglass panels that are tailored to fit the unique layout of your space in order to provide maximum safety against the spread of germs. We have an extensive supply of sneeze guards that can be customized to your particular situation. We also provide other personal protective equipment like germ shields, germ barriers, protective shields and splash guards. 



Reach Full Capacity Safely

Many businesses that require face-to-face service contact have had to function at reduced capacity in order to follow CDC regulations. Clear barriers made from plexiglass are a great way to get back to full capacity while keeping everyone safe. In restaurants, salons, bars, and more, we’ve helped businesses get back to full capacity using PPE.





A New Branding Opportunity

Include your branding and any custom graphics in your PPE in order to associate your company with safety and responsibility. At Signarama Fort Collins we work with you to select the products that are best suited to your unique situation, and we can incorporate your branding and messaging into all protective equipment. Custom graphics can be utilized across business signage, wayfinding signage, safety signs, face shields and employees’ masks, as well as sneeze guards and other protective barriers.



Plexiglass Barriers & Sneeze Guard

Our sneeze guards and other plexiglass partitions are available for reception desks, cashiers and pick-up counters. They also function as partitions between tables at a restaurant, or between employees or clients in any open floor plan. We offer standard sizes and we can custom build any barrier for your unique layout. It’s easy to maximize your spend with graphics and logos on your barriers in order to increase brand awareness.

Get in touch with Signarama Fort Collins today to learn more about how to make PPE a 
unique safety and advertising tool.


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