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Custom Reflective Vehicle Signage

Enhance your brand visibility no matter the time of day!

Take your vehicle wrap to the next level with reflective vinyl film. Boost your brand's visibility with vibrant and bold graphics. This high-tech material will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Whether you’ve got a car, van, truck, trailer, or a full fleet, make your mark on the road 24/7 with reflective vehicle graphics.

We only use high-grade, US-standard compliant reflective vinyl to create visually striking vehicle graphics. We design, manufacture and install reflective film just as we would a standard vinyl film. We can customize your graphic to any size and shape, printed in full color.

You can choose which elements of your vehicle graphic to be reflective; however, compliance regulations still apply in regards to reflective film and road safety, which your local Signarama team can advise and assist you with.

Types of Reflective Signage Films

Reflective Vinyl - Class 1
Best suited for high-intensity reflective signage and vehicle application. Commonly used for road signs, ambulances, and general signage where reflected light from wider angles are needed.

Reflective Vinyl - Class 2
Ideal for non-critical, off-road signs that require high visibility and retro-reflectivity. They are printable for decals and general signs.

Printable Reflective Vinyl Films
These are customizable, printable white reflective films, specifically designed for high visibility applications. Great for vehicle graphics, emergency vehicles, and warning signs. They have superior durability, conformability, and outdoor performance.

Reflective Tapes
Highly retro-reflective with micro-prismatic markings to mark the sides and rear of vehicles for enhanced visibility and detection.

Ask your local Signarama team about your reflective signage needs today!

Reflective Film Applications

Directional/Safety Signs, Mining Site Signs and Vehicle ID Signs

We are specialists in helping businesses ensure they have compliant safety signage. We provide and install hi-vis and reflective signs, stripes, and graphics on vehicles. Signarama Fort Collins, CO signs are designed, manufactured, and installed by our trained in-house designers and applicators, using the best quality materials and printing technology to ensure long-lasting durability and quality. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can be confident in getting the best signage outcome.

Branding & Advertising

Reflective vehicle graphics aren't just for safety compliance. Reflective wraps provide a solution for brand visibility all day and night. Ask us how we can maximize your vehicle wraps by adding hi-vis and reflective elements to your design. You'll not only be safer on the road, but you'll look outstanding too!

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