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3D Illuminated Letters

Create vibrant, attractive displays with 3D illuminated letters

3D Illuminated Channel Letters have become an extremely popular signage solution. Get the look of a neon sign, with the benefits of LED's cost-effectiveness, low power consumption, brightness, and durability.

Signarama Fort Collins, CO are the experts in 3D illuminated signage.

3D illuminated channel letters are available in many types of forms. Choose from different face and lighting features, as well as a variety of colors, sizing, shapes, and materials, such as acrylic, glass, timber and metal. With all these different options available, you can create the most attractive and unique sign to promote your business, day and night!

Let Signarama Fort Collins, CO help you design, create and install 3D Illuminated Signs for your business today.

Select From:
Acrylic / Channel letters
The base of a 3D illuminated letter. Durable and affordable. Customise the style, size and colour to suit your brand. They may be laser/ router cut and made into 3D fabricated hollow acrylic letters, with the option of LED illumination.
Front / Face-lit Letters
The most common type of 3D illuminated letter. These often have an acrylic face and aluminium sides (known as 'returns') and back, but are fully customisable. They have LED modules hidden on the interior of each letter, illuminating the 'face'. They are best for long distance visibility. Usually, the colour elements of the logo are made with cut translucent vinyl, or if the colour of the face is solid, the acrylic can be a specific colour.
Side or Edge-lit Letters
Edge-lit letters are made of clear acrylic and illuminated through the front, edge or both. They may also be partially lit on the front or back half of the sides. The LED modules are installed on the back bottom and are low maintenance and energy efficient. We can also customise the letters with a translucent colour vinyl or mirror stainless steel on the front face for a sophisticated, boutique look.
Halo-lit Letters
Also called 'Back-lit letters' or 'Reverse-lit letters', these are a softer and classy look, usually metal or aluminium letters that are illuminated from the back to cast a halo glow effect.
Combination-lit Letters
These letters use clear backs customised with semi-transparent vinyl graphics that result in the desired halo colour of choice. Red faced letters with a blue halo light is a common example.
Exposed/open face neon letters
These are essentially a neon sign, with the added protection of an exposed channel letter (sides and back) to help protect the neon. They are perfect for a vintage or futuristic look.
How It Works

Your message or logo is fabricated or molded from aluminum or acrylic materials. The letters can be embellished with paint, vinyl, metal or other special coatings.

They may be fully illuminated (front and sides), front lit, side lit (opaque faces) or space mounted and back/halo lit. The letters are fitted with neon or LED modules, or in some cases, fluorescent tubes.

The letters may be flush mounted (installed directly to the building façade), or they may be mounted on a raceway or wireway. A raceway is a rectangular mounting structure which serves as both a container for the sign's electrical components (such as a power supply) and a mounting structure.

Your creativity is the only limit to what can be achieved with custom illuminated letters!

High Quality Materials

Depending on the finish and color required, we can produce your illuminated signage from a variety of durable, high quality materials and techniques. They can be finished as polished mirror, brushed steel, powder coated, aluminum, brass, or painted.

The most commonly used material is acrylic, which can be internally illuminated with LED lighting and can produce any effect desired. Just as common now is the usage of aluminum letters that offer a high-end brushed finish and can similarly be internally illuminated to provide a front or back-lit effect.

Your Signarama Fort Collins, CO consultant will advise on the best solution for your branding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fabrication involves creating structures with cutting, bending, and welding processes. Using sophisticated computerised design and manufacturing equipment, we can fabricate signs to any size, shape or finish. Using fabrication technology, we can create 3D letters and logos, fascia and building signs, pylons, metal signs, and more.
Our graphic designers are qualified and experienced in creating the highest possible impact to meet your brief and requirements. We can produce signage with effects on your logo or lettering like the Halo Effect (the bright glow around the sides of the signage to create a ‘halo’ look), front illumination only, or side illumination only. We have sample boards made up to demonstrate these different effects.
Confused? Don’t worry – simply give us a call or visit your local Signarama sign centre. We are always happy to explain and discuss your feature lighting choices and requirements.
The font or typeface refers to the letters or characters that make up the words on the sign. It’s important to remember that not all fonts are appropriate for signage. Choose a font that is legible and best reflects your brand. Your Signarama consultant will help you consider factors such as visibility, readability, noticeability and legibility when choosing the best font.
All our LED signs are created according to your specific environment requirements, and can be expected to last long term, even harsh weather environments.
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