Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to Prepare your Business with Signs 

We know how important maintaining your business is right now and we want to help you inform your customers of new processes and share important messages. Signage is a crucial mode of communication in this time, and we are here to help you make sure that your business signage keeps everyone safe and informed. 

We understand the unique needs of business owners and know how to associate your brand with safety, professionalism, and comfort. Our turnaround times for COVID-19 signs are fast, so you can get your business up and running in no time. We also offer financing through our Signancing program. 


COVID-19 Awareness & Safety Signs

The safety of your employees, guests, and customers is top of mind. Safety signage is the best way to communicate vital messages regarding the guidelines from Larimer County, Fort Collins, the State of Colorado, and the CDC about Coronavirus (COVID-19), including messages about mandatory mask wearing signs, hand washing, capacity limitations, social distancing and more. Signarama can create custom business signs, posters and banners that are consistent with the CDC guidelines while incorporating your brand colors and graphics.



Floor and Sidewalk Decals

Social distancing floor and sidewalk decals are a common facet of the COVID-era environment. They are used in schools, retail, offices, libraries, city and government facilities and recreational facilities to keep social and physical distancing top of mind. Ours are long-lasting and utilize a nonslip texture for interior, suitable for wood floors, laminate floors, low nap carpeting, tile and linoleum. Our nonslip exterior decals are suitable for concrete sidewalks and pavement. We can customize these with your colors and brand graphics. 



Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding and directional signs are perfect for guiding your guests or customers. And beyond the obvious goal of helping people to find their way, effective directional signage plays several other important roles, especially in high-stress and high-traffic environments, such as airports, public spaces, and hospitals. These wayfinding signs can take the form of standing banners, A-frames, lawn signs, and even digital signs.




"Open for Business" Signs

Communicate that you are open for business with budget-friendly, fast-turnaround items like lawn signs, flags and banners. Custom storefront window lettering and window graphics can be as simple or intricate as you wish to communicate a clear message about your business to every passerby. Be sure to communicate all relevant information like options for curbside pick-up, dining in, or modified hours. We can help you tailor your message to be efficient and clear.





Custom COVID-19 Business Sign Packages 

In order to make your job easier during this stressful time, we offer customizable packages with all the signs you will need to keep customers and employees safe, to clearly communicate that you are open for business, and to help customers find their way to you. Our packages can be customized for your branding, and can be modified according to your specific needs.

If you know what you need, we’re ready to help. If you’re not sure what will work best for your business, well, you’ve also come to the right place. Our team of sign experts can help refine your messaging to create signs and graphics that are consistent with your brand. 



Give us a call now to order your custom COVID-19 business signs.


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