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Will I Need Local Government Approval?

This depends on nature of signage and your local city or county government. Some councils allow existing signage to be replaced with new graphics without approval, whilst others will insist that development approvals be sought for any change. Different councils have different rules; some will require approval for external signage only, and anything behind windows is usually exempt. The best advice is to check with your local council before authorizing signage work to commence. Signarama can help you with the necessary plans and images required for your application.

What if my business is inside a shopping center?

Typically, tenants of large shopping centers have guidelines provided to them by Centre Management to adhere to. Signarama can guide you through this process and help you understand the requirements of the center, and the types of signage that both adhere to the center's standards as well as meet your objectives for promoting your business.

Project Management in Fresno, CA

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