"The Art of Brand Refresh: How Often Should You Update Your Brand"

16 October, 2023 by Tony Herndon

"The Art of Brand Refresh: How Often Should You Update Your Brand"

In the fast-paced realm of business, the question of when to refresh your brand often arises. If you find yourself pondering this, you've already taken the first step towards your answer. When was the last time you revamped your website or gave your logo a facelift?

Refreshing your brand is akin to donning a new outfit or getting a fresh hairstyle. You're embracing change while remaining true to the essence of your business. Regularly implementing small improvements keeps your brand's vitality intact, demonstrating your commitment to its evolution, rather than allowing it to stagnate and become mired in the past.

**The Art of Captivating Your Audience**

The goal of refreshing your brand is to capture your customers' attention, compelling them to explore what's new. This process is your chance to breathe new life into your business.

**Significant Changes**
For companies undergoing significant transitions, such as a change in ownership or a substantial acquisition, consider a subtle redesign of your business logo, introduce new products, or enhance existing ones. Furthermore, when your company's headquarters relocate, take the opportunity to update your brand's design. Updating the address on your website, business cards, letterheads, and merchandise offers a seamless approach and minimizes the need for additional printing.

**Seasonal Transformations**
Leveraging the holiday spirit or special events is a great time for a brand update. Google's approach to changing its logo to commemorate notable birthdays or the onset of a new season grabs the audience's attention and creates anticipation for the next creative twist.

When running an ad campaign, ensure that all your business materials reflect the change, including your website, social media avatar, and digital newsletter banner. Consistency is paramount, as any omission can convey negligence. Striking a balance between seasonal change and overall brand consistency is key.

**Keeping Up with the Times**
While a retro theme might work for some brands, it's not universally suitable. Evaluate your brand's currency, ensuring your website reflects modern technology like responsive design. Check if your logo's color scheme feels outdated, or if you offer products that have become obsolete.

Gradual enhancements to your logo and color scheme are a smart approach. Brands like Taco Bell and Burger King have successfully updated their color schemes over time while staying true to their core image. Listen to your customers – if you notice a design flaw, they probably have too.

**Remaining Trend-Relevant**
Stay attuned to industry trends to make timely changes. A company that appears to be playing catch-up can be perceived as desperate, making changes for change's sake, rather than enhancing its products or meeting customer demands.

**Dynamic Signage**
For businesses with prominent signs in key locations, technological advances offer opportunities. LED-illuminated billboards can display dynamic content, while websites can employ carousels to feature fresh content. Adding animation to your sign or website can significantly increase visibility.

**Assessing the Need**
Sometimes, you need to assess how much time has passed since your last rebrand. Consider if your company profile accurately reflects your current team or if your product lineup needs expansion. Follow the lead of major brands that regularly update and adapt to generate new leads.

A rebrand is a significant undertaking, requiring time, investment, and coordination across all departments to ensure consistency and stability. While it doesn't happen overnight, a well-executed rebrand can rejuvenate your business and prepare it for a dynamic future.

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