May 15, 2019 3:09 am

Real estate agents utilize many tools to promote new listings, whether they are residential or commercial, and real estate signage is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness. Today’s home buyers use many methods to find their dream home including taking drives around their desired neighborhood to spot “for sale” signs. Businesses looking for commercial property to lease or purchase often use similar tactics once they know the area they would like to be in. Real estate signs are effective at telling home hunters as well as business owners who to contact to schedule a visit to the property and they often provide a phone number or website where they may get more information.

Real Estate Signs are for Buyers and Sellers

Real estate signs have to serve two audiences - buyers and potential sellers. Signs placed outside of a home are not only promoting the home, but they are also promoting the realtor. Sellers that are looking to list their property are more likely to contact a realtor whose name is familiar or whose signs they have seen in their community. Quality real estate signage shows a level of professionalism and effectiveness at promoting the properties that you list.

Traditional Yard Signs to Boost Open House Attendance & Exposure

An Open House is a great time to give potential buyers the option to visit the home without the pressure of scheduling a private showing. Promoting an Open House is often done via strategically placed signage throughout the neighborhood and in front of the house itself. Realtors are using a combination of social media and signage to draw buyers to their Open House events. For potential buyers who heard about the Open House via social media, Open House signs can also serve as directional signs that let users know exactly where to go to see the house and where they can park. Open House signs are often simple in design and material so that they can be easily moved from one property to the next with no interruption. Realtors often invest in dozens of Open House signs in order to increase their reach by placing signage throughout the community.

Yard signs are one of the more common and popular forms of real estate signs. They can easily be hammered into the grass and removed after the Open House or once the sale is final and they stand high enough to not be missed by traffic. Yard signs are a great way for real estate agents to show their personality. Realtors have been known to include a picture of themselves, their logo, or even a catchphrase on their yard signs. Yard signs are meant to withstand the elements of nature so they can be long-lasting.

Commercial Real Estate and Development Projects Benefit from Post and Panel Signs

When a business is looking to move or open a new location, its owner, or a representative, will often drive around several neighborhoods to get a feel for the traffic in the area and the types of other businesses that are found there. Scouting a location can be done online but nothing is quite like seeing it for yourself. Whether it’s an existing property with space available that is looking to attract a new tenant or an entirely new development, post and panel signs are often used to advertise what is available or what is coming along with contact information for the agent. More often than not, businesses find their new location by driving around and spotting a sign. Post and panel signs offer the opportunity to extend the branding of the development by using its colors or an appropriate style for the design. Made of quality materials, either plastic, wood, or metal, they are meant to withstand the elements as they are usually displayed outdoors. The size of the property may determine whether one or several post and panel signs are needed to make sure there is enough visibility.

Best Practices for Effective Real Estate Signage

To increase interest in your properties, there are a few best practices that realtors should consider when designing their signage:

  • Always include a call-to-action on signs. Whether you are trying to drive buyers into the home for an Open House, to the commercial property, or to your website to take a virtual tour, make it clear what they are expected to do in order to learn more about the property.
  • Ensure the placement of the sign will get maximum exposure by placing it on the side of the property that receives the most traffic. You may need more than 1 sign. Properties that are not on a major road or are in a gated subdivision will sometimes have signage placed outside of the development or community to increase exposure.
  • Keep it simple but don’t forget your unique message. Creative slogans, familiar logos, or headshots are common on real estate signage. Keep the content you include focused but add a personal touch to make buyers and sellers trust you with their investment.
  • Make sure fonts and colors selected for signage reflects your branding and is easily legible from a distance or when driving by. Poor design can make it difficult to read so consider this when working on the design.

Real estate signage is a great investment for agents who want to make an impact. There are many options available to fit the budget, style, and even aesthetic of the realtor using them.

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