March 14, 2019 4:17 pm

Gaining insight into your customer base will allow you to effectively communicate with them and anticipate their wants and needs. Remember that it is important to connect with current customers, but also, for your business to thrive, you must obtain new clients. April 18th is “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” so here are 3 strategies to enhance your customer-business relationship:

  1. 1. Utilize social media

    This is a predominately free marketing tool that can help you to expand your business beyond a local demographic. Leverage social media so that your business can have a wider impact. Make your business more “human” by sharing community involvement with your audience. This encourages engagement with like-minded people to build your brand. 

    We often consider Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, and Instagram, but a strong B2B platform is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a more effective social media platform for marketing.  It is a professional social network rather than an entertaining platform.  This is where people come to seek advice on careers and business problems.  Become the “go to” person in your field by posting blogs and useful information.

    Keep in mind that social media can help and hurt your business. Because of the nature of social media - an open platform that virtually anyone can read and utilize - customers can positively and negatively affect your business. Customer’s comments, likes, dislikes, and how you interact with your customers and the general public is an indication of how you operate your business.

    Analytics are available through the various social media platforms.  You can take this information and create surveys to find out even more data on your current and potential customers.

  2. 2.Conduct surveys

    If you want to know what your customers are thinking . . . ask them. Surveys are an effective tool for gaining honest and constructive input from those who have worked directly with your company. Customers are less likely to answer lengthy surveys so keep the questions to a few simply worded questions. Include both open-ended questions and yes/no questions, so that a customer can include additional details when appropriate. When requesting feedback, focus on the information you need most. If you find customers do not return or reply to surveys, consider offering an incentive in the form of a discount.

    These surveys can be done on Facebook, LinkedIn, through your email blasts using Constant Contact (or other similar platforms), and even on your website.

    Document the responses in your client customer management system. Be sure to use these responses when creating marketing materials or email blasts. Let your customers know they were heard.

  3. 3 Host an event or focus group

    One of the most efficient ways to get to know customers within your community is by holding an event. This is a chance for you to interact with customers that you may not have otherwise been exposed to as traditional marketing has limited reach. If your business has connections to other local businesses, collaborate and co-host an event. Encourage attendees to fill out informational paperwork while at the event so that you can utilize their data at a later opportunity. Again, offer an incentive to attend the event via a discount or complimentary items.

Getting to know your customers is an investment of time, money, and resources. But, this form of market research will ensure that you are serving your customer base most efficiently. Once you have a greater understanding of who your customers are, you will tackle fewer advertising dilemmas and fails. As the global and digital markets expand and change, successful businesses must utilize a variety of sources to stay relevant.

If your customers indicate that they had trouble finding your business because your sign is too small or hard to read or you decide to host or participate in an event, contact your local Signarama for all your signage needs. We are here to help your business grow!