February 3, 2020 7:39 pm

Signage is a valuable investment and communication tool that should be included in business marketing plans. Visual communication is not a new concept. It’s a timeless resource that can bring attention to the uniqueness of your business. Your branding is an extension of your business and it should align with your marketing mission. The right sign will get noticed by the right people. The “right people” are your potential and repeat customers. In order for your signs to make the greatest impact, it’s crucial to know your audience, to consider your message’s intent and to be conscious of the design of the sign. 

The International Sign Association publishes annual reports to identify and support the trends and patterns within the sign industry. Their data suggests that improving your business signage will have a positive sales outcome for businesses. According to their 2019 published statistics, signs increase sales, bring in new customers, and increase word of mouth amongst repeat customers. For example, one sign can be equal to dozens of full-page print or newspaper ads. It’s an economical choice as signs are always “on” - they always work for you. A 2019 statistic states that up to 15% of customers impulsively visited a business because of the signs. 

Business branding and signage go hand-in-hand. Highlight your services with indoor and outdoor signs and branding that goes beyond the usual signs. Promote your logo by displaying lobby and interior signs. Continue to make an impact by incorporating your branding on vehicles, windows, floors, and so much more. Remember, too, that branding products such as business cards, floor decals, wall murals, banners, and point of purchase displays increase exposure to your business. 

Digital signs can be revolutionary to your business and are considered an exciting option that enables the messages to be easily changes to cater to your current business messages. According to a Nielsen survey, 75% of the survey respondents self-reported noticing a digital sign within the past 30 days; 60% noticed a digital sign or billboard within one week of answering the survey. This illustrates that people are paying attention to their surroundings and are aware of the presence of signage.

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF) reports that 60% of businesses surveyed saw at least a 10% increase in sales after updating their signs. Furthermore, they report 61% of consumers failed to recognize or locate a business because the sign was ineffective. The Foundation promotes the idea that there is an art and a science to sign design. SRF states, “To be an effective form of communication, signs must incorporate the science behind artistic design principles.” 

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