March 14, 2019 4:44 pm

When getting vinyl lettering for your boat, here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

  1. 1. Design

    Boat lettering can be as simple as a boat’s name or as complicated as a creative graphic or advertisement. The design of boat graphics is just as important as the quality of materials used for the lettering and decals.

  2. 2.Quality of vinyl

    Since your vessel is going to be in the water, the quality of the vinyl is essential. Premium quality lettering won’t dissolve or rip in the water. Durability is one of the most important factors in boat graphics. Clean your boat thoroughly prior to administering vinyl letters or decals.

  3. 3. Layout and measurements

    The layout is integral to the aesthetics and legibility of your boat’s graphics. Where and how you place the lettering decals can have an impact on how good it looks on your boat. The layout should be seamless with spacing between letters and words measured precisely. Keep in mind there may be certain regulations in regards to boat registration numbers. These regulations likely affect the size and letter style of registration information. Refer to your local and state ordinances.

  4. 4. Night safety

    Boat lettering and graphics with reflective properties will increase safety at night. If you want to be seen easily at night, this is a great option. Other vessels will be able to see the reflection of the decals.

  5. 5.Maintenance

    Boat graphics are intended to get wet from the water but they are not meant to be submerged for long periods of time. Placing graphics above the water line will ensure long-term quality. The adhesion material on the decals (graphics, letters, etc.) may deteriorate over time. Use a non-abrasive cloth to clean the graphics and allow the decals to air dry.

Make a strong visual impact by personalizing your boat with graphics. Need ideas or don’t even know where to begin? No worries. Contact your local Signarama for all the help you’ll need from concept and design to creation and installation.