New Year’s Resolutions

As a fitness facility owner, or a community center operator, your busiest time of the year is right at the beginning of a new year, when 2 out of 3 people flock to your location to keep their new year’s resolution to get in better physical shape! Is this annual interest in fitness in the new year motivating you to pump up your fitness facility for the influx of activity in the New Year? Getting a jump on the competition by planning ahead for the tide of newcomers and reinvigorated members might include communicating enrollment options, overhauling outdated branding, refreshing internal way-finding signage, and/or getting your members pumped up to join programs that will help them be their best in the coming year. Here are some ideas that will drive fitness enthusiasts to your gyms, yoga studios and community centers in the new year.

Signage that drives people to your facility

For the new year, you might think of offering promotional specials, such as reduced enrollment rates, additional free months, or other promotions to inspire consumers to join your fitness facility in 2024! Getting your message out to people ahead of the new year can mean offering early bird specials, such as:

  • Reduced rates for people who enroll for a membership before a certain date.
  • Discounts to members who enroll in classes that are scheduled to start early in the day!

Whatever your plans are for the new year, quality signage can get people interested in the membership and the classes you are offering in the new year! Here are some ideas about how signage can work for your brand, coming up on a new year!

Vinyl feather and teardrop flags– Outside your facility or down the street on a nearby corner, vinyl feather and teardrop-shaped flags can grab the attention of passers-by, as human eyes are instinctively drawn to movement, as a survival mechanism. Printed in vibrant colors on weather-resistant and durable vinyl, these lively flags celebrate movement and can motivate people to take advantage of your New Year’s promotions and join your fitness facility or visit their community centers on a regular basis, starting in January.

Hanging banners– Make a larger-than-life impact on prospects by utilizing the large windows in your facility, to roll out a fresh new look for your rebranding strategies. Display your promotional offers on hanging banners that give your facility an upscale look. As far as utilizing your storefront goes, make a splash with large format printed vinyl decals with hi-res images and graphic objects that will make your facility pop with energy and create a definitive statement for your fitness facility. For community centers, large format printed mesh banners create an energetic, new look for the new year, showing images of happy people working out or participating in classes. After attracting fitness enthusiasts to your location, fitness facilities and community centers have an excellent opportunity to WOW members, just inside their doors.

Reception signage

Often, the reception area is the first contact people have with your facility. Make a lasting first impression in your lobby or reception area with signs that make a bold statement, in the form of:

  • Acrylic lettering and panels that support graphics and vibrant colors
  • Metallic lettering and graphic objects, such as logos
  • Back-lit 3D acrylic lettering

The next area to consider focuses on updating wayfinding and directional signage to keep members motivated, as well as help newcomers navigate their fitness journeys. 

Wayfinding and directional signage

Coordinating with your rebranding efforts, signage experts, such as Signarama can work with you to design interior way-finding signage that corresponds to your new look! Larger gyms and fitness facilities might want to give their directories a new look that reflects their brand’s image, and or maybe add an interactive element to their digital directory boards that help members find classes and various areas of your facility, such as your weight room, the pool and class schedules and locations.

Floor decals

Printed in the vibrant colors of your rebrand, floor decals offer a surprising and unexpected way to show new members the way through your fitness facility. Floor decals can also lead the way to getting new year’s resolutions up and running, spinning, and lifting, as well as acting as reminders of your rules and regs, in needed areas. 

Wall murals and decals

As most people don’t or won’t read a long list of rules and regulations for different activities in your facility, your refresh could include vinyl wall murals or decals that gently remind folks to wipe down equipment, be conscious of other members waiting to use equipment, limit sauna times, and involve safety precautions, as well. Of course, you still need to update your safety signage in the new year, so that it is OSHA and ADA compliant. Some popular types of signs that the fitness industry uses to grab the attention of foot traffic and vehicle traffic include:

Digital signage

On interiors and exteriors, digital signage is making inroads in every industry. Digital displays inside your fitness location are easily updated and can:

  • Announce new classes
  • Spotlight personal trainers and instructors
  • Promo apparel and accessories offered for sale at your location
  • Create more transparent communications in your facility
  • Keep staff and members informed about outside threats
  • Inform staff and members of the protocol to follow in the event of emergency situations
  • Acknowledge member accomplishments and special events, such as birthdays, and other life events

Other signage

On-the-go signage that extends your New Year’s message exposure revolves around using your company vehicles and other vehicles to get your fitness center’s message out. These methods include:

  • Vehicle wraps
  • Vehicle decals and lettering
  • Bus signs and wraps

Looking to the new year and the increased business your fitness facility, yoga studio, gym, or community center can generate in honoring 2 out of 3 New Year’s resolutions, November is an ideal time to get a jump on a brand refresh that updates your signage or to get moving on your promotional signage project that allows you to stand out from the rest, in the competition to attract new members in 2024! We can help you with any and all components of your fitness facility or communication center’s 2024 New Year’s sign campaign! For a successful launch that grows your brand right from the beginning of the new year, contact the professionals at Signarama!